The animals move in

Hallberg, Lin
Åström Bengtsson, Karin
Swedish title
Djuren flyttar in
Animal Academy
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Aug 13, 2012
64 pages,148 x 210 mm , colour

At last something fun is happening! A parrot, a dog and perhaps a tiger have just moved into the neighboring house. Easy to read and fun when Levi and his sister Lo get a whole lot of new neighbors. Perfect for all new readers who like animals! With sweet and colourful illustrations. In the house next door which has previously been so empty, all sorts of things are going on. There are animals everywhere! But isn’t there something strange about some of them? They seem ill. And where has the tiger actually got to? Nobody can write about animals for children like Lin Hallberg. In her new series "Tiger Andersson" Levi and his sister Lo get to know lots of different animals: some wild, some tame - all described with a twinkle in the eye and a good helping of humor. "The animals move in" is the first part of the series about Tiger Andersson who takes care of sick animals.