This is How it Works - at Home and About

Wänblad, Mats
illustratörer, Flera
Swedish title
Så funkar det! Hemma och runtomkring
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Sep 29, 2015
250 x 290 mm, 96 pages, color

In this book things are explained in a way that cannot be found just by googling! This is a long-awaited classic in a new version. A general knowledge factual bible for the curious of all ages! With accurately written data and fantastic illustrations we get the key to how every¬thing that is necessary in our everyday lives works.

In 96 pages we learn how lamps shine, how a toilet flushes, how there is clean water in our taps, how underground heating works and how food was kept cold before the fridge was invented. The chapters in the book deal with a modern house and shows how water, heating, electricity, food and information comes into and out of the house. There is also an indispensable chapter about traffic and transport which offers both a look at the past and a peep into the future.