Tina's Kitchen

Nordström, Tina
Swedish title
Tinas kök
Non Fiction \ Food & Drink
Pub Date
Oct 17, 2017
195 x 260 mm, 280 pages

Tina’s back. And she’s as generous as ever in sharing her expertise and advice as well as many new and wonderful recipes. With the help of step-by­step pictures and texts, Tina describes how to carry out the most
important stages of cooking, stages that you might feel nervous of carrying out in case you fail.
  Perhaps you’re unsure as to what a piece of steak looks like when it’s medium rare, about how to debone and fillet a salmon nicely or why mayonnaise curdles and how to save it if it does. Well you’ll find the answers to these questions and many more right here. In fact, with Tina’s help in the kitchen, nothing can go wrong!
  Tina’s Kitchen has two, four, six and sometimes even eight recipes using potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, minced meat, eggs, pasta, lemons and apples. Do you fancy lasagne? Well you’ll have four different varieties to choose from. What about vegetable soup? Well, then you’ll have eight. And we all know from experience that Tina’s recipes are always delicious!