Warm and patterned knits

mittens, socks, hats, collars and sweaters

Åberg, Erika
Nuhma, Malin
Swedish title
Sticka varmt och mönstrat – vantar, sockor, mössor, kragar och några tröjor
Non Fiction
Pub Date
Sep 03, 2018
195x224 mm, 112 pages

This book contains over 20 patterns for warm garments that are both fun to knit and soft on the skin, including multi-coloured mittens with different patterns, elegant collars, well-fitting socks made from hand-dyed yarn, hats and sweaters - all inspired by the Scandinavian landscape and traditions.

ERIKA ÅBERG has a passion for knitting and in this book she generously shares her expertise

on the subject, along with materials, techniques, colours and designs. There is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced knitter and whether you are looking for a quick project or something that takes a little longer to create. Erika also gives advice on how to choose the right material and how to care for your garment so that it will last a lifetime.