When Felix Grew

Lööf, Jan
Lööf, Jan
Swedish title
När Felix blev stor
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 29, 2015
250 x 290 mm, 40 pages, color

When Felix steps out of the comic strip and into the picture book he is big, much bigger than the rest of the characters in the book. Something must have gone wrong and people seem afraid of him, but one girl says she can help him. She takes him to a door in a tree that leads to the land of fairy tales, and then into a computer game where Felix and the girl fight both musical robots and a Godzilla dinosaur. Finally Felix has had enough and wants to get back to his comic strips. He and the girl meet the illustrator, driving in a car with his wife, and they tell him what they want. The book ends with Felix and his new friend being drawn into a new comic strip. The start of a new adventure?