Whose Brother or Sister?

Wirsén, Stina
Wirsén, Stina
Swedish title
Vems syskon?
Children \ Picture Books
Pub Date
Sep 28, 2016
210 x 210 mm, 40 pages, color

Stina Wirséns Who? characters have grown up and have children of their own.

Now it is time to meet a new generation of small friends. Ceddy and Piggly are brother and sister and now a new family member has arrived. How very exciting!

The baby has finally arrived. Ceddy and Piggly have waited and longed for this moment. But the new baby is tiny and boring! And when it finally grows a bit and wants to play, it ONLY wants to play with Ceddy and Piggly can’t join in at all ...

Sibling jealousy hurts. Stina Wirsén can, as no other, describe an everyday situation with drama and humour. Both big and small will recognize the injustice of what it's like to love and want to join in but not being acknowledged as one wishes to be by a new family member.

Stina Wirsén’s popular series has reached its first decade with a new Who? generation taking over and creating new stories. These books address everyday situations to read and talk about together.