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    Adolfsson, Maria

    The Doggerland-based music production company KGB Produktion is a roaring success and is attracting growing numbers well-known musicians to record at its studios.

    The artist Luna is originally from Dogger ... Show Book

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    Help! He's drowning!

    Salmson, Jo

    The books in the highly popular Help! series are very easy for children to read and relate to.

    In Help! He's drowning! the author takes the beginner readers on another, somewhat scary, everyday drama ... Show Book

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    The Gospel of Eels

    Svensson, Patrik

    Part H is for Hawk, part The Secret Life of Cows, THE GOSPEL OF EELS is a personal reflection on the human condition, a meditation on the relationship between a father and son in their shared passion ... Show Book

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    Death in Disguise

    Bengts, Marie

    Seamstress Hannah Lönn returns, now in the glittering world of haute couture.

    It is autumn 1957 as Hannah returns to work after the summer holidays. Her new employer is the famous designer Gustav L ... Show Book

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    I See You

    Jungstedt, Mari

    Over 5 million copies sold across the series nationally

    With tourist season finally over on Lilla Karlsö, the pleasant September sun and warm sea entice a group of students to spend the weekend on ... Show Book

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