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    Fun with Measurments

    Bross, Helena

    Practise centimetres, decimetres and metres with the friends in
    "Class 1B". Measure things close by and guess who’s tallest or
    shortest. An activity book full of fun exercises at just the right level
    for e ... Show Book

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    The Speaker's Revenge

    Lidbeck, Petter
    Widmark, Martin

    A humorous and action-packed political thriller for children. A slap-stick tale with a fast-moving story full of wonderfully quirky characters, yet based on a strong pathos: children’s right to freedom of speech.
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    Explorers and Adventurers

    Sheppard, Sarah

    With Sarah Sheppard as a guide, the journey is both fun and educational. Learn about space flight, impossible missions and exciting research trips. Learn something new about the first moon landing, follow the dangerou ... Show Book

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