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    Weather with Vilda

    Wirsén, Carin

    Vilda wants to go out and play. But what is the weather like? And what kind of clothes does she need? Warm and comfortable winter jackets definitely warm you up in the cold weather! But look at the little one! She has ... Show Book

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    Read with Lucia

    Wirsén, Carin

    “Read with Lucia” is about the joy of discovering the letters that surround you and to begin to understand what they mean. Lucia wants to go out on a letter hunt in the city. As she walks through the streets, she sees ... Show Book

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    Enough! (The Sex Strike)

    Hellberg, Åsa

    Majken has had enough in Åsa Hellberg’s first YA novel. Enough of hearing the word “whore” in the school corridors, enough of anonymous dick pics being sent to the girl’s mobile phones.

    When Majken announces a s ... Show Book

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    The Scoop. The Fire

    Widmark, Martin
    Fichtelius, Erik

    A new series of books that focuses on children’s rights to examine and influence the world they live in. So join a group of 11-year-olds as they start their own online newspaper, the consequences of which you would ne ... Show Book

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    Death in Disguise

    Bengts, Marie

    Seamstress Hannah Lönn returns, now in the glittering world of haute couture.

    It is autumn 1957 as Hannah returns to work after the summer holidays. Her new employer is the famous designer Gustav L ... Show Book

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    Stella and The Secret

    Bernadotte, Madeleine
    Gustafson-Teixeira, Karini
    Oskarsson, Marie

    Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden makes her debut as children’s books author, as part of her involvement with the World Childhood Foundation.

    To stand up for yourself or for someone else isn’t alwa ... Show Book

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