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    Share, Sam

    Rådström, Sofia

    A lovely book about sharing, told in a way that small children can understand and relate to.

    The doorbell rings at Sam’s house. It is Esther and her mother who are paying Sam’s family a visit. The adults are hav ... Show Book

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    Mandelmann’s Sweets

    Mandelmann, Gustav
    Mandelmann, Marie

    Sweets and desserts have a natural place at the self-sufficient Djupadal farm of the Mandelmanns. As with all their food, the sweets follow the seasons and celebrations of the year, with borlotti cake and thumbprint c ... Show Book

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    Tasty and Simple Buffets

    Onnermark, Maud

    Maud Onnermark, writer of several acclaimed cookbooks, presents easy-to-make buffets that are delicious as well as simple and quick to make. The recipes include an Italian buffet, vegetarian buffet, soup buffet, and ... Show Book

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    BBQ More!

    Ehrlund, Per

    Cook your entire dinner on the grill! In this new smoking hot barbecue book, you will learn far more than just grilling a piece of meat to perfection. The book also contains vegetable dishes, classics like beer can c ... Show Book

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    Cheesecakes and Sticky Chocolate Cakes

    Söderström, Lena

    Cheesecakes and sticky chocolate cakes are great desserts, and this book will give you recipes for all sorts of cheesecakes – classic as well as No-Bake, frozen, fast ones, and ice cube tray cheesecakes. The ... Show Book

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    The Rising Dark

    Erikson, Christina

    Introducing author Christina Erikson’s page-turning Forseti series. The first book selling more than 17 000 copies

    DI Elias Svensson and his team of special investigators in the National Operation ... Show Book

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