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    Flora of the Nordic Countries

    Stenberg, Lennart
    Mossberg, Bo

    Beautiful, highly acclaimed and a bestseller - that’s Flora of the Nordic Countries. This indispensable reference book uses vibrant pictures and detailed texts to describe every old and new plant in Sweden, Denmark, N ... Show Book

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    The Watcher

    Eriksson, Caroline

    A Swedish Big Little Lies, from the author of international bestselling THE MISSING, sold in 27 countries

    Author Elena rents a small, impersonal terraced house in a non-des ... Show Book

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    The Midsummer Murder

    Nordin, Magnus

    The blood that was spilled on the cliffs alongside the idyllic Lake Glimten was cleaned up a long time ago. Not a trace of the teenagers that decided to camp there and celebrate Midsummer remains. The murderer, who le ... Show Book

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    Turn Right Up

    Novotny, Emelie

    It is the summer after graduation and working as a groom at one of the top stables is all Ylva could wish for, yet it's hard to say that you'd rather stay at home when your friends are going off to London an ... Show Book

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    Darkness In Our Midst

    Jungstedt, Mari

    Over 4.5 million copies sold across the series in Sweden alone!

    A storm brews during the offshore sailing race around Gotland. Suddenly, one of the favourites in the race suffers a broken mast a ... Show Book

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    Project: Wolf

    Berge, Lars

    More than 4 000 copies sold in Sweden in a month!

    This is not a book about wolves. Neither is it a natural science title. It’s a narrative about mankind; human obsession, greed and ambition. And ... Show Book

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