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    Kurran and Pigan Rescue a Little Animal

    Moroni, Lisa

    The best friends Kurran and Pigan are about to enjoy their picnic when they notice two creepy birds who are going to eat a little caterpillar! The two friends jump to their feet and hurry to help. They bring the cater ... Show Book

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    Nelly Rapp and The Secret Library

    Widmark, Martin

    This is the nineteenth adventure in the fun, slightly scary and easy-toread Nelly Rapp series.

    This time it is not only fun and easy to read – it is also the story of the Monster Academy’s foundation. When Coun ... Show Book

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    This is My Life

    Lagercrantz, Rose

    Every year Sophia yearns to go to summer camp. Her biggest dream is to be with the other kids, “the normal ones” as she calls them. But it is not so simple when you are not ordinary. Sophia is autistic. On her birthda ... Show Book

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    Hugo - Open Wide!

    Nilsson, Mia

    Afraid of the dentist? You are by no means alone. Hugo does everything to avoid having to mend his damaged tooth – crocodiles have so many anyway! After a candy incident, Rabbit sends the reluctant Hugo to Plack the D ... Show Book

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    Detective Gordon: the Biggest Smallest Police Officer

    Nilsson, Ulf

    A lovely and lively picture book, a wonderful read-aloud adventure for big and small about the little and brave mouse Pip who just started preschool. That day, everyone is on a study visit to the forest police station ... Show Book

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    Growing vegetables in garden boxes

    Robild, Eva

    This book will help you to maximise the harvest from you planting box! Using a planting box to grow vegetables is more convenient in several ways – it is easier to clear weeds and to fertilise, no heavy diggi ... Show Book

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