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    Chino's Chubby Cheeks

    Nilsson Thore, Maria

    Who has the biggest and softest cheeks and runs the fastest in the wheel? The answer is Chino – the fun and lively hamster who ensures

    that everyone in the cage has fun. Chino loves being the centre of attention ... Show Book

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    Casseroles for all occasions

    Söderström, Lena

    A gourmet weekend meal or an inexpensive but tasty weekday supper – casseroles are perfect for every occasion. This book contains a collection of Lena Söderström’s best tips and favourite recipes for meat, chicken, sa ... Show Book

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    Indra Larsson's not-so-perfect horselife

    Hallberg, Lin

    The author of the popular Sigge series is back with a new series for all book lovers. This is the first book in the new series “The Horse Whistler”.

    This is a book about dreams and about doing anything fo ... Show Book

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    Thirty five mittens

    Karlsson, Maja

    Few things can warm you up on a cold day like a like a cosy pair of wool mittens – and all the better if you’ve made them yourself. Knitting mittens is fun and doesn’t actually take very long, so once you’ve decided w ... Show Book

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    Athena. Grattis världen - jag är här nu!

    Ek, Elin

    Athena is twelve years old and doesn’t take any shit! She doesn’t think the world should take any shit either, so in order to save everything (someone has to!) she starts an activist group, ”Save the Earth Cl ... Show Book

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    Roll, Roll Little Nystan

    Nordström, Åsa

    Lilla Nystan is a little ball of wool that is all alone, rolling here and there in the wind. Follow it on its journey through the town and

    out into the countryside and see what happens on the way in this poetic ... Show Book

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