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    You. Poems for Newborns

    Wirsén, Stina

    A magnificent book for all ages, be it new parents, grown-up children and newly born, a perfect gift to all Stina Wirsén’s fans. Poetry meets spellbinding images in a new format where pages are posters that can be dis ... Show Book

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    Puck gets a sibling

    Garhamn, Anna-Karin

    Mummy’s belly is much bigger than usual. Has she been eating too much cake recently? Nope, that’s Puck new sibling who lives in there. Puck thinks of all the fun they will be able to have together. It is almost as exc ... Show Book

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    Mira and Martin

    Ehring, Anna

    Mira and Martin often hang out together. They have a special place in the woods where they meet. But at school they hardly acknowledge one another.  Anna Ehring, the August-nominated author of Jam Sandwiches an ... Show Book

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    Hunt for the Nights Star

    Strömqvist, Johanna

    Saga lives with her parents, her best friend and her monsters in a castle deep in the woods. Their peaceful life is however threatened by evil outside.

    Along with her two best friends, she has to find a way to f ... Show Book

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    The Circus Detectives and the mint candy mystery

    Höjer, Dan

    The two biggest stars at the circus are the young twins Kaspar and Katinka. Audiences are amazed when they show their amazing tricks. But Kaspar and Katinka also like mysteries.

    And when precious gems are stolen ... Show Book

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    Sally and Sigge

    Hallberg, Lin


    A new term starts at the riding school and the riding instructor Ingela says that everyone must try and ride other horses than their usual one in order to be a really experienced rider. When Elina is to ride ... Show Book

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