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    The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family and Mr Grumpy

    Björnstjerna, Jonna

    Believe it or not - the wonderful Rabbit family are back. This time in a rather scary adventure with rabbit-eating trolls and a grumpy man in the woods. A fun, exciting and slighly scary world of pictures for youngste ... Show Book

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    Frankie and Vegan

    Asptjärn, Åsa

    Bodil is called Frankie because she loved frankfurters when she was little. She has now just finished 6th grade and it’s the summer holidays. But it’s a time when everyone, including Frankie, realises that after four ... Show Book

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    Ingrid and Ivar go Swimming

    Janouch, Katerina

    In this sixth book about the popular Ingrid and Ivar they pack their
    swimming things and go to the water park where there are lots of
    new and exciting things to do. First they have to pay to go in and
    then ... Show Book

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    Ninja Timmy and the Chamber of the Lost Song

    Tamm, Henrik

    Ninja Timmy and his gang are busy trying to stop a burglar at the abandoned concert hall when a tall and mysterious woman appears in the mist. She starts singing a rather strange song with a high and enchanting voice, ... Show Book

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    Take it like a Man

    Nessvold, Hampus

    Hampus Nessvold is a young artist and program leader in television and radio, who now makes a personal deep dive in the men’s role.
      In chapters dealing with sex, violence, friendship, porn, love and body complex ... Show Book

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    This is how it works! The body from inside and out

    Wänblad, Mats

    This is the book that tells you everything you need to know about the body. The smartest construction imaginable. Contains well-filled pages full of exciting, entertaining and exciting facts – knowledge that you won’t ... Show Book

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