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    The Jungle's Pirates

    Thorsson, Kjell

     The Jungle’s Pirates is the third book about Mino and Micke. An imaginative and action-packed series of picture books for all fans of vehicles, inventions and adventures!

     When the pirates invade the ju ... Show Book

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    The Ghost in the Library

    Genar, Katarina


    The Ghost in the Library is a stand-alone title with longer text, in the exciting and scary "Mysterious School" series.


    Greta loves her school. Mysterious things happen here, things n ... Show Book

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    As the Stars Fall

    Hallberg, Lin


    Tess and Tom. Tom and Tess. And how love and loyalty to a horse can give so much power that one can make the seemingly impossible in order to save it.


    Tess's parents plan to follow her grandmo ... Show Book

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    Lisbeth and The Samba King

    Karinsdotter, Emma


    A crazy, fun and creative gem with fantastic illustrations! A richly illustrated read-aloud book with lots of humor. But, besides the crazy antics, the book deals with serious issues: Is it Ok to be your som ... Show Book

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    Ulfberhts Sword

    Widmark, Martin


    The ninth installment in the Halvdan the Viking series invites the reader to excitement, laughter and a great dose of history.


    Halvdan, Meia and the monk Do have left England behind and head ... Show Book

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    Pelle No-Tails School: The Activity book of Trafic

    Berglin, Charlotta
    Flygare, Ingrid
    Knutsson, Gösta


    An activity book in which Pelle and his friends teach children about traffic. Help Pelle find his way in his town and challenge your friends in Pelle's traffic games. As a bonus, you will learn everything ab ... Show Book

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