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    Märta and the Big Horse

    Eklund Wilson, Erika

    The books are about Märta – the horse lover that has started riding lessons even though she is scared of horses. Entertaining reading that describes a love of horses, stable life, feelings and friendship as well as in ... Show Book

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    Playing Kiss Chase

    Bross, Helena

    This is the seventeenth stand-alone book in the series about Axel and Omar – two friends that live in the same building. Everyday drama at its very best.

    Omar likes Nelly. He usually looks at her on the sly. So ... Show Book

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    Football and Dirty Tricks

    Oskarsson, Marie

    Edvin likes playing football more than anything else, but it’s not how he imagined. He throws himself into the match only to discover that Emilia is much better than him.

    When Edvin gets cross and pretends that ... Show Book

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    Minoo and the Winter Ship

    Ehring, Anna

    One day a letter from the Migration Agency comes through the door. A white envelope that Minoo and her family have been waiting for, for as long as she can remember. Their future lies in that envelope. Someone has dec ... Show Book

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    Little Black Dog in the Night

    Lagercrantz, Rose

    Samson is a little black dog, one of those happy dogs that love greeting all the other dogs, even the big grumpy ones. Samson’s mum collapsed in the underground station and is carried away by the paramedics. In their ... Show Book

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    The Cuddly Toy

    Dahlin, Petrus

    Gabriel thinks that plush toys are for little kids only. It's lucky nobody knows that he sleeps with his cuddly bunny at night. But things take a sinister turn as Gabriel's other toys start breaking, showing signs of ... Show Book

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