Fiction 6-9

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    Bad Luck in the Castle

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    An easy to read adventure about knights for boys and girls that have just started to read. This exciting tale complete with action-packed illustrations is about the three friends Egon, Fiona and Urban.
      The king ... Show Book

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    First Aid for Animals

    Rottböll, Grethe

    Udde and Leija have started First Aid for Animals. There are a lot of animals out there that need their help and many of them are surprisingly close - just outside the house or even in the drawer. The club has its own ... Show Book

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    Lisbeth and The Samba King

    Karinsdotter, Emma


    A crazy, fun and creative gem with fantastic illustrations! A richly illustrated read-aloud book with lots of humor. But, besides the crazy antics, the book deals with serious issues: Is it Ok to be your som ... Show Book

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    Sally and Sigge

    Hallberg, Lin


    A new term starts at the riding school and the riding instructor Ingela says that everyone must try and ride other horses than their usual one in order to be a really experienced rider. When Elina is to ride ... Show Book

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    The Theatre Book

    Widmark, Martin


    Have you always dreamed of solving crimes together with Lasse and Maja in Valleby? Finally you can hop into the town and solve the mysteries in front of an audience! Gather some friends, some props, and star ... Show Book

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