Fiction 6-9

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    Help! Fire and Flames!

    Salmson, Jo

    When a little dog cuts its paw on broken glass the children decide to clean up the park. It would not be good if other dogs or animals hurt themselves. The friends will all help, both with the tidying and with the pic ... Show Book

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    Märta Goes on a Ride

    Eklund Wilson, Erika


    Märta and Maja have nagged and nagged to get to ride the Icelandic horses again. And now the time has finally come!


    The stable world is a tough one - the riding instructor is angry and the b ... Show Book

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    The Saffron Mystery

    Widmark, Martin

    Now Christmas itself is in danger!

    They’ve run out of saffron at Café Bernard & Panini. Lasse and Maja pop along to the supermarket, but it turns out the whole of the new consignment has disappeared! Somebody must ... Show Book

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    Hällen, Ylva

    Mystical creatures, well-kept secrets and four specially chosen children defeat evil. Astrid Lindgren meets J.K. Rowling in a frightening adventure story for children who like to wish themselves off into other worlds.
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    Journey to the Planets

    Ekberg, Peter

    Philosopher and author Peter Ekberg takes us on an exciting fact-packed journey. Why is Neptune blue, what are Saturn's rings made of and why does Jupiter have a spot in its middle? Alongside the easy to read rich factua ... Show Book

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