Fiction 6-9

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    Journey to the Planets

    Ekberg, Peter

    Philosopher and author Peter Ekberg takes us on an exciting fact-packed journey. Why is Neptune blue, what are Saturn's rings made of and why does Jupiter have a spot in its middle? Alongside the easy to read rich factua ... Show Book

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    The Fashion Mystery

    Widmark, Martin

    After 13 years’ experience in the detection business, Lasse and Maja have the sharpest wits in Valleby. But case no. 25 looks as if it will be a tricky one.

    It starts during the hectic preparations for the ... Show Book

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    The Secret Letter

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    Excitement, drama and humor in an entertaining mixture of the life of a knight and a school setting. Entertaining reading for both boys and girls who have just learned to read on their own, with cool, action-packed il ... Show Book

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    Sockan Starts Puppy School

    Hallberg, Lin

    Sockan the little puppy is missing and Levi and Lo are helping in the search. Sockan's young owner is very sad. She thinks her parents won't let her keep Sockan as the puppy is so naughty. Luckily Tiger Andersson knows h ... Show Book

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    How the Internet Works

    Nygårds, Karin

    Internet today has a place in all our lives. Although it wasn't like that twenty years ago. Then it was something new and strange and nobody really knew what the point of it was. And nobody could imagine how big it would ... Show Book

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    Write and Tell with the School for Knights

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    What would happen if a giant came to the fortress? Or a wicked magician! Thinking "What if..." is the best way to begin a story with writes Magnus Ljunggren. He has written scripts for television, books for young people ... Show Book

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