Fiction 6-9

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    15 Detective Experiments

    Singer, Beppe

    Have you ever dreamed about being a spy or solving mysteries? Did you know that the police often do important experiments to find clues to use as evidence against criminals? You can do these experiments for yourself at h ... Show Book

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    The Summer Holiday Book

    Widmark, Martin

    In The Whodunit Detective Agency: The Summer Holiday Book there are lots of fun activity tips that will last all summer long. Test your knowledge about Valleby, where Lasse and Maja live, in an ingenious quiz, concoct ... Show Book

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    The Monk's Promise

    Widmark, Martin

    A dispute breaks out during the autumn market and suddenly Halvdan, Meia and their friend Björn are captured, tied up and on their way to be shipped off as slaves in England! On board the boat is also the mysterious Do, ... Show Book

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    The Archeology Detectives and Thor's Hammer

    Höjer, Dan

    Mysteries around the world are waiting to be solved. Join archeologist detectives Marvin, Ramses, Neffi and the dog Pharaoh!

    The autumn holiday becomes an adventure unlike any other. Uncle Valdemar drags the kids ... Show Book

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    Pugh's Many Questions about the Beggar, Longing and Cell-phones

    Ekbom, Inger

    A book about life today seen from a young, observant and perceptive child's point of view.

    Pugh's Many Questions is written by author and authorized psychotherapist Inger Ekbom in co-operation with Stadsmissionen ... Show Book

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    The Mystery of the Winged Horse

    Hansson, Catharina

    Best friends Noa and Alex live the idyllic life of every horse-lover, surrounded by a variety of wonderful horses and ponies. They have a special aptitude for understanding horses and solving mysteries. We follow their d ... Show Book

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