Fiction 9-12

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    Red Trails

    Genar, Katarina

    The sun shines in a clear blue sky but chilly shivers run up and down the spine when Samuel experiences a series of unnatural
    events in the isolated house far from the outside world where mobile phones have no covera ... Show Book

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    The Circus Detectives: The monster Mystery

    Höjer, Dan

    The two biggest stars of the Pommery Circus are the twins Kaspar and Katinka who amaze the public with their daring performances. Kaspar and Katinka love mysteries and when invaluable objects disappear from the church in ... Show Book

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    The Horror in the Attic

    Jacobsson, Anders

    Kip Jansson is a guy with the biggest of hearts, in the warmest and craziest of families who live in a house with some noisy neighbours on an ordinary street in an ordinary Swedish town.

    The book’s main character ... Show Book

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    Tom and the blue bird

    Nissinen, Susanna

    Who are they really, the ones moving around down in the Underground and why does no-one but Tom see them? Tom and the Blue Bird is an exciting, irresistible book about another world within our own.

    Tom ... Show Book

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    The castle of ice

    Kastevik, Janina

    A modern Mio my Mio!

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