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    Amazing Tor

    Nordqvist, Margareta


    A flock of adventurous chickens is on the loose! This is the eleventh book of the popular "Animal Friends" series, for absolute beginner readers.


    Some children live in the countryside and ta ... Show Book

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    Time for Disco-Night

    Oskarsson, Marie

    Meet the four friends Emilia, Juliet, Jack and Edwin. They each have different backgrounds, personalities and interests.

    It is soon time for disco-night at school and almost everyone is eagerly waiting for it. B ... Show Book

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    Whose Brother or Sister?

    Wirsén, Stina

    Stina Wirséns Who? characters have grown up and have children of their own.

    Now it is time to meet a new generation of small friends. Ceddy and Piggly are brother and sister and now a new family member has arrived ... Show Book

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    Ingrid and Ivar: Colors

    Janouch, Katerina

    Look! Ingrid and Ivar are pulling a sledge with a green fir tree, they fish for blue fish and they draw with red crayons ...

    Five situations each described with an accompanying sentence, one for each color: red, g ... Show Book

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    Ingrid and Ivar on a Treasure Hunt

    Janouch, Katerina

    In this fifth book about Ingrid and Ivar, the two friends are back in an autumnal adventure with plants, animals and glittering treasures.

    The pair decide to go on a treasure hunt in the woods and have drawn a ... Show Book

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    Ingrid and Ivar: Numbers

    Janouch, Katerina

    Play with numbers. Count 1 to 5, learn through situations: Ingrid has 1 teddy, Ivar plays with 2 spades ...

    lncludes a marker tag for each number.

    Show Book

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