Picture Books

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    What's the Time Pelle No-Tail?

    Flygare, Ingrid
    Knutsson, Gösta

    Look Pelle No-Tail has got his own watch. He goes out for a walk and all his friends want to know the same thing: What time is it? Help Pelle to turn the hands on the colorful watch in the book. The watch shows when it i ... Show Book

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    A Holiday at Last!

    Nilsson, Mia

    Hugo has opened a cafe in the woods and after all his hard work he is looking forward to a holiday. The other animals think this sounds like a good idea and they all set off to camp at El Dorado together. When they arriv ... Show Book

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    Wirsén, Stina

    Finally a book about Death for toddlers. A book to gather round, discuss and grow with! Look, what little Pink and little Pea have found. A flower! And look there, a bird! But, why doesn't it fly? Is it dead?Show Book

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    Wild Animal Babies

    Jonsson, Oskar

    To learn the names of all the animals in the world is exciting and fun.Show Book

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    Ingrid and Ivar Play

    Janouch, Katerina

    A beautiful, endearing book about all the fun you can have with a friend.Show Book

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    Look Cars!

    Nilsson, Ulf

    You can also read the much acclaimed picture reference books: We Look Out For Weird Cars and How to Drive Weird Cars about which the following has been said, among other things:

    A self-assured and delight ... Show Book

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