Picture Books

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    Little Stick in Happyland

    Widmark, Martin

    Martin Widmark's own brand of magic for the very young! One night when Daniel is going to bed, Aunt Julia tell s him a fantastic story. When she was a small and rather unhappy little girl who missed her brother, ... Show Book

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    Singer's Melody

    Rosenberg, Vanna

    It is nighttime. The sea lies still under the moon light when a little sea lion cub is taken from his mother and father. His secure life on a rocky outcrop ends and a new life begins. The little sea lion cub is taken to ... Show Book

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    On a Desert Island

    Bross, Helena

    All over the playground are lots of puddles. One puddle is enormous, just like the sea! Alex and Ornar make an island of sand in the middle. They pretend that they are on a desert island. Best of all: there is a treasure ... Show Book

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    Pelle No-Tail Celebrates Christmas

    Knutsson, Gösta
    Rönn, Michael
    Rönn, Åsa

    Candles are lit, presents are wrapped and Christmas biscuits are baked in every home. Christmas will soon be here. Pelle and his friends are busy with preparations. It is the first Christmas for Frallan the kitten and Pe ... Show Book

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    Ingrid and Ivar Search for Ghosts

    Janouch, Katerina

    Small children’s favourites Ingrid and Ivar are back, this time in a nice, non-scary ghost story book for the very young. It is perfect for Halloween.

    The moon is shining through the window and Ingrid and Ivar ar ... Show Book

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    When Felix Grew

    Lööf, Jan

    When Felix steps out of the comic strip and into the picture book he is big, much bigger than the rest of the characters in the book. Something must have gone wrong and people seem afraid of him, but one girl says she ca ... Show Book

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