Picture Books

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    Pelle No-Tails School: The Book of Dangers and First Help

    Frensborg, Maria

    Fasten your helmet, put on the life jacket - and do not forget 112! Hazards such as fire, water and traffic are both frightening and fascinating for big and small.


    In five short stories, Pelle learns ... Show Book

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    All Three on the School Yard at The Green Pea Pre-School

    Nilsson Thore, Maria


    Join Ester, Idde and Valle in their favorite corners of the yard at their pre-school. Follow Idde in the woods as she will need help to feed the crocodiles, hang out by the reserve to find your favorite toys ... Show Book

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    All Three Will Play in Pair

    Nilsson Thore, Maria

    All three will play in pair. It is getting late at at The Green Pea Pre-School, all the children have gone home except Ester and Valle. But it doesn’t matter, they have a lot of fun together - until they notice that I ... Show Book

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    The Storm and the Monster-Trucks

    Sjölin, Daniel


    Is there one child who hasn’t dreamed of driving a monster-truck? A small boy becomes the king of the road in this action-packed and humorous picture book. Inspiration comes from the sandbox with all its hap ... Show Book

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    Puck gets a sibling

    Garhamn, Anna-Karin

    Mummy’s belly is much bigger than usual. Has she been eating too much cake recently? Nope, that’s Puck new sibling who lives in there. Puck thinks of all the fun they will be able to have together. It is almost as exc ... Show Book

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    The Circus Detectives and the mint candy mystery

    Höjer, Dan

    The two biggest stars at the circus are the young twins Kaspar and Katinka. Audiences are amazed when they show their amazing tricks. But Kaspar and Katinka also like mysteries.

    And when precious gems are stolen ... Show Book

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