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    Do you have to!

    Olsson, Lotta

    An everyday philosophical adventure that younger (and older) picture book lovers can relate to. Just as reflective as Winnie the Pooh.

    "Do you have to!" sighs the dormouse wearily when the giant anteater spills ... Show Book

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    Wirsén, Stina

    In Book! we meet Little Pink and Little Pea who find a big colourful book - but what can you actually do with it? Can you fly on it, sail on it and fight over it? Yes!! And you can read it ... but who lives ins ... Show Book

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    The Ghost in the Library

    Genar, Katarina


    The Ghost in the Library is a stand-alone title with longer text, in the exciting and scary "Mysterious School" series.


    Greta loves her school. Mysterious things happen here, things n ... Show Book

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    The Jungle's Pirates

    Thorsson, Kjell

     The Jungle’s Pirates is the third book about Mino and Micke. An imaginative and action-packed series of picture books for all fans of vehicles, inventions and adventures!

     When the pirates invade the ju ... Show Book

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    Pelle No-Tails School: The Activity book of Dangers

    Berglin, Charlotta
    Flygare, Ingrid
    Knutsson, Gösta


    Want to learn more about fire, water and other dangers, while painting, crafting and solving challenges? Welcome to Pelle’s school!


    There are lots of dangers facing Pelle and his friends in ... Show Book

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