Picture Books

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    Wild Animal Babies

    Jonsson, Oskar

    To learn the names of all the animals in the world is exciting and fun.Show Book

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    Look Cars!

    Nilsson, Ulf

    You can also read the much acclaimed picture reference books: We Look Out For Weird Cars and How to Drive Weird Cars about which the following has been said, among other things:

    A self-assured and delight ... Show Book

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    All Three at The Green Pea Pre-Scool

    Nilsson Thore, Maria

    Join Ester, Idde and Valle in their favourite rooms at their pre-school. In the hallway Valle shows you where to take off your shoes and hang up your coat. In the playroom Ester has built a big castle with the cushions a ... Show Book

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    All Three Give up Their Pacifiers

    Nilsson Thore, Maria

    Today Valle has stopped using his pacifier. Ester has never had a pacifier but Idde has one. Ester decides that it looks fun to have a pacifier and tries to make Idde give it to her. When she finally succeeds in getting ... Show Book

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    Märta and the Icelandic Horses

    Eklund Wilson, Erika

    Märta and her friend Maja are a bit fed up with the riding school and set out to look for new horses. They hear the sound of hooves and laughter coming towards them. Big men and women are riding on small sweet little hor ... Show Book

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    A Day with Grandad: We Play

    Torudd, Cecilia

    This is granddad's book. Oskar will be at granddad and granny's house for a whole day. When granddad was little he played with Meccano. He still thinks it's fun - perhaps he thinks it's a bit too much fun ...Show Book

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