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    Berge, Lars

    Sven was: a pr-genius with a smart, pretty wife and lovely daughter. Successful, in the know, always at the best parties and generally acknowledged to be a really cool guy. One of the coolest, actually.

    S ... Show Book

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    Holmén, Martin

    Harry Kvist is wrongly accused of murder. The only witness who could get him acquitted, the prostitute Sonja, suddenly disappears and is then found murdered. Harry tries desperately to clear his name of both murders.Show Book

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    Alex and Smilla - Missing

    Eriksson, Caroline

    Alex and Smilla is a heart-stopping and page-turning psychological suspense thriller by acclaimed author Caroline Eriksson.Show Book

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    Sejdar Island

    Nygren, Maria

    As a feverish August heat wave hits Stockholm, undercover insurance investigator Linn Klint is sent to remote but picturesque Sejdar Island in the Sea of Åland, outside Stockholm. The insurance company has tasked her wit ... Show Book

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    Life, Motorcycles and Other Impossible Projects

    Bivald, Katarina

    The summer Anette Grankvist turned 18 she set herself three goals in life: to learn how to drive a motorcycle, to buy a house and to become completely self-reliant.

    Now, nineteen years later, though she’s ... Show Book

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