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    Superfood Boost

    Palmcrantz Aziz, Erica

    Switch snacks and reap the rewards. Superfoods are bursting with nutrients that give your health a boost and, best of all, you can buy them in your local supermarket.

    Superfood Boost arms you with the kn ... Show Book

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    Green Burgers

    Nordin, Martin

    Thirty burgers made from beans and lentils, root vegetables, courgettes, spinach, mushrooms or halloumi and served with the best trimmings. This is the perfect book for those of you that want to follow a greener diet ... Show Book

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    Homemade Cakes

    Andersson, Linda

    White sticky chocolate cake, Nutella cheesecake, raspberry pie, Swiss nut chocolate cake, caramel cake, crunchy Tosca cake and sticky rhubarb cake are just a few of the many wonderful recipes in this book. Lindas b ... Show Book

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    Concrete Inside and Out

    Hedengren, Sania
    Zacke, Susanna

    Concrete is a beautiful material that can be used for masses of wonderful home accessories - both inside and in the garden. This book presents lots of innovative projects for every season. In the winter, you can cover ... Show Book

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    The Good Girl Revolt

    Ohlsson, Birgitta

    Why are the overachieving ‘Good Girls’ often ignored at work, frequently bypassed in their careers, and even criticised for their exacting standards instead of applauded, promoted and encouraged? ... Show Book

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