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    Bird Diary 2014

    Ottosson, Mats
    Zetterström, Dan

    From January’s birdlife, which goes on the back burner during the bitterwinter cold to the melancholy autumn months when the migrating birds leave us for more southerly latitudes. Each season has its particular birds, ... Show Book

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    Birdsong on your Doorstep

    Pedersen, Jan

    The handy singing bird book!

    Jan Pedersen is one of Sweden’s most renowned wildlife and nature photographers and writers and author of Sveriges fåglar - fälthandbok för alla, Fågelresor and the highly popu ... Show Book

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    Edible mushrooms

    Forsberg, Barbro
    Lindberg, Stefan

    The mushroom season. What can you pick? Chanterelles, ceps and funnel chanterelles are OK. But there are lots more fine mushrooms to discover. Many of them are just as good as the tastiest cep.

    Edible mushroo ... Show Book

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    Mossberg, Bo
    Cederberg, Björn

    Bumblebees - the grower's best friend

    Cute, good-natured and quietly buzzing - it is easy to get to like bumblebees. The book shows all 40 species in Sweden, presented by Bo Mossberg, Sweden's foremost plant il ... Show Book

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    The Birds

    Svensson, Lars
    Mullarney, Killian
    Zetterström, Dan

    One of the world’s foremost bird guides - now in a deluxe edition

    The Birds is a de luxe version of The Birdguide, the market’s most comprehensive field guide to birds that can be seen in Sc ... Show Book

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    Making the invisible visible

    Nilsson, Lennart

    Big drama is taking place in front of us, every day, although we cannot see it with our own eyes.

    This is an astonishing photographic document of Lennar ... Show Book

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