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    Growing vegetables in garden boxes

    Robild, Eva

    This book will help you to maximise the harvest from you planting box! Using a planting box to grow vegetables is more convenient in several ways – it is easier to clear weeds and to fertilise, no heavy diggi ... Show Book

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    Beautiful flowerbeds

    Forsström, Ellen

    This book will teach you in a both simple and inspiring way to plan, compose and maintain beautiful, thriving and colorful flowerbeds! These flowerbeds will create outdoor spaces and set a style as well as at ... Show Book

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    100 plants for your kitchen garden

    Rosén, Susanna

    This practical guide is for beginners and more experienced vegetable growers alike. It contains information on how to begin, as well as what to expect from the first year growing vegetables. The second part of the boo ... Show Book

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    Woodwork and Building Projects

    Jeppsson, Anders
    Jeppsson, Anna

    At last! The popular duo is back with a new book for lovers of woodwork. Their creative projects are inspirational and doable for amateurs and more experienced DIYers alike and they are all shown in beautiful settings ... Show Book

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    Robild, Eva
    Rosengren, Kerstin

    Interest in growing and eating chillies has exploded in recent years. Suddenly everyone wants to grow them and you can understand why – growing chillies is fun and rewarding. The best thing about growing chillies is t ... Show Book

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    120 Pot Plants

    Mercke Schmidt, Minna

    Facts and inspiration in one and the same book!

    Perhaps you would like some beautiful greenery to transform your home but don’t know which plants to choose, or maybe you already have an indoor jungle but ... Show Book

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