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    Decorate creatively and personally

    Mercke Schmidt, Minna

    Welcome your guests with a hyacinth garland on the door, give away an Easter flower arrangement or create a wonderful
    autumnal table setting. This sequel to the popular Decorating Beautifully is bursting with practic ... Show Book

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    The Whimsical Home

    Hedengren, Sania
    Zacke, Susanna

    This colourful and popular writing duo continues to share their wonderful recycling, craft and DIY tips with us. This time, they take us to five charming houses, all of which are very differently furnished with vintage p ... Show Book

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    Warm and Cosy Knits - mittens, hats, socks, scarves, sweaters and a bit of lace

    Trotzig, Eva
    Åberg, Erika

    This book is just bursting with warm and cosy knitted garments for everyday life and more festive occasions. The mittens, scarves, socks, hats and sweaters are garments to love and cherish or even give away.

    The ... Show Book

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    My Favorite Cardigans to Knit

    Forslund, Birgitta

    A cardigan to snuggle up in
    We all have a favourite cardigan that we love just as much as the blanket that we couldn’t sleep without when we were little. There are so many varieties with everything from thick and woo ... Show Book

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    The Nautical Home

    Örnberg, Anna

    In this book, Anna Örnberg switches her source of inspiration from the forest to the seaside. She continues to work with natural materials but the pictures now have a coastal feel and the accessories, which include stone ... Show Book

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