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    Scandinavian Clean Living

    Johansson, Martina
    Lindkvist, Fanny

    With the growing awareness of the harmful chemicals and additives in consumer and environment products, many of us strive to find ways to lead healthier lifestyles. And to do so without adding stress to our already fu ... Show Book

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    Counting Sheep

    Lindén, Axel

    10th July

    ‘Narrow paths appear across the fields. The sheep follow one another so as not to trample the pasture. I would never have thought of that.’

    A literary graduate curt ... Show Book

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    The Lone Woman

    Bremmer, Fatima

    Winner of the August Prize for Non-Fiction 2017

    She grew up a flighty tomboy and was sent away to boarding school to be taught manners and decorum. But as history shows, Ester Blenda Nordstr ... Show Book

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    Lindqvist, Herman

    The story of ‘the father of modern Finland’ told by renowned historian Herman Lindqvist

    This is the story of the legendary marshal of Finland, Gustaf Mannerheim. It is common knowledge to mo ... Show Book

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    The Murder Book

    Palmkvist, Joakim

    A missing person. A tragic love story. And the woman who solved one of the most bizarre murders in Swedish history. Nearing 7000 copies sold in three months.

    Like a modern-d ... Show Book

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    The Good Girl Revolt

    Ohlsson, Birgitta

    Why are the overachieving ‘Good Girls’ often ignored at work, frequently bypassed in their careers, and even criticised for their exacting standards instead of applauded, promoted and encouraged? ... Show Book

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