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    The Ten Worst Ideas in Economics

    Wahlroos, Björn

    How is it that certain economic models and arguments that, although repeatedly proved false, keep coming back? If we want to build a better financial system, good intentions are simply not enough; it is imperative that w ... Show Book

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    The New Seven Deadly Sins

    Einhorn, Stefan

    Almost ten years ago Stefan Einhorn published The Art of Being Kind, and now he returns to the same battleground, but with a different set of questions. What is good and evil, and what do we consider deadly sins? Are ... Show Book

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    When Finland Was Sweden

    Lindqvist, Herman

    For almost 700 years Sweden and Finland were one and the same; one country, one king.

    Some time during the 12th century the Swedes expanded their territory and when more counties were added to the Swedish r ... Show Book

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    New Delhi - Borås

    Andersson, Per J

    The larger-than-life story of a casteless Indian man who falls in love with a Swedish girl, and cycles across half the world to follow his heart. Now sold in nine countries!

    This real-life saga tells story of P ... Show Book

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