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    Step Workout

    Sjöström, Sofia

    Steps or hills are perfect for short, intensive interval training using just your own body weight. These bursts of exercise give your body exactly what it needs - masses of strength and fitness - but don’t take much t ... Show Book

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    Food Pharmacy

    Clase, Mia
    Nertby Aurell, Lina

    Healthy eating is the key to a healthy life and this book serves healthy, anti-inflammatory food together with a huge portion of humour. It is a tale of inflammation, intestinal flora, good and bad bacteria, scientifi ... Show Book

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    Naturally Beautiful

    Sjöström, Hannah

    Once upon a time, natural beauty products were something you that you mixed at home or that were hidden away on the bottom shelf in health stores. Those days have gone and the shelves have now been thoroughly dusted, ... Show Book

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    One Day

    Carlén, Siri

    Another book full of pictures to colour in by yourself!

    Siri Carlén’s book One Day gives you the opportunity to spend an ordinary day doing something a little out of the ordinary.

    Using just your imaginati ... Show Book

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