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    Get Moving Again!

    Åhman, Sofia
    Hasselgren, Gunilla

    Of course you know how important exercise is, but perhapsyou are not aware of the fantastic effects it can have on your
    body or need help to get started again after a break. The aim of this book is to reignite the ... Show Book

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    Carlsson, Olle

    Today is a collection of Olle Carlsson’s 365 thoughts for peace of mind. Short texts that start with an aphorism and end with a question.
    Personal reflections that can be used as spiritual exercises to start the da ... Show Book

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    Strength Training for Women

    Rönnberg, Olga

    The well-prepared training programmes are divided into a three-step model that starts with basic strength training for each major muscle group followed by improving your minor muscles and then burning the last excess fat ... Show Book

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    Prescription for health

    Sundberg, Carl Johan
    Hansen, Anders

    In this book, we will show how physical exercise has remarkable effects on the human body. How it affects your brain, genes, makes you feel better and even slows aging. Based on the latest and best medical science we wil ... Show Book

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    Marathons and Other Long Distance Runs

    Szalkai, Anders

    If you have ever dreamt of taking part in the New York Marathon or any other long-distance run for that matter, then you have to read this book. Written by the Swedish running expert and marathon winner Anders Szalkai, t ... Show Book

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    A New Look

    Thulin, Camilla

    Join Camilla Thulin, Sweden’s uncrowned queen of style, as she gives ten women a brand new feminine look to follow
    and enjoy, guides them through the clothes jungle and gives them great tips on how to build up a bran ... Show Book

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